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Big breeders of wire-haired dachshund.Their help is preccious.Thanks !


Reiner end Valtraut Finnern

The owner of NKD  Lardowik kennel


A veterinarian, thanks to him my dogs are always healthy

Sale Tanaskovic

Kennel  from  Brestovacka Eli. I bought Trag from him.

Vlatko Stanojevic

My bosom friend from N.Becej and our mutual friend Sasa Pustos.

Sinisa Nesic

He is a breeder from Krusevac and an extraordinari assistant.

Pesic Dreagan

A  professional  search  for game. I’ve learnt everything  about  blood  trace  from  him

Boris Kogoj

He is the best  craftsman in dogs’ training.

Tasa and Beneti

He is a good hunter and Golden trophy.