Ludvig od Brestovacke Eli- Trag



born:17.11.2002.god.   JR 70411 70411 cip:688050000006142       color-dark wild boar

Father:IGOR LUXEMBORGI GROF                         5XPRM,6XCACIB,15XCAC,11XBOB,2XBOG

Mather:HANI-HAJDI                                                                          CACIB,5XCAC,5XBOB


Chest circumference:48cm

Reward:5XCAC,CACIB,3XBOB                                           CACT,R.CACT.2XCACIT,2XR.CACIT

Breeder-Stanojevic Vlatko,Brestovo

Owner-Milojevic Dragutin-Tasa

     Trag is a very powerful and large dog. He is built proportionally, with great hair quality and is a quick learner who accepts training very well. He is trained for all kinds of hunting but shows the best results with wild boar. He is very careful when herding and has never been hurt in the process because he is using his head. Trag is excellent breeding stock and his offspring are quality dogs with a great sense of smell. They are strong willed and are generally wild boar specialists.  His daughter is the beauty champion of Serbia