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My name is Dragutin Milojevic-Tasa. I am a professor of Sport and Physical Education. I was born in 1958 in Jagodina where I completed High school. I went on to graduate from Belgrade University and I now work as a teacher in the Primary school “17. Oktobar” in Jagodina.

I have been involved with hunting since 1976 and since then I have bred dogs with a preference for breeding bird-dogs. My first encounter with Dachshunds happened in 1998 and resulted in an instant mutual bond with the breed.  While hunting boars on Deli Jovan (a mountain near Salas), I met Mr. Makulovic and his two Dachshunds. I was fascinated by their hunting skills and captivated with their intelligence, bravery, work ethic, reliability and versatility. That same day, I made the decision get my own Dachshund. The scarcity of breeders at the time ensured that my search was a long one.

The wait was well worth it as my friend Vlatko Stanojevic's own dog had a litter of pups. Since we had known each other for years, I had the privilege of being the first to choose a puppy. I chose a male dog whom I named Ludvig od Brestovacke Eli. My sons gave him the nickname Trag (a trace). It was a learning process for both of us because of my inexperience with Dachshunds and his energetic youth. Trag became highly trained for various competitions and is a skilled hunter of game. He is a beautiful dog indeed and as such has won many awards and trophies. He hasn't been bred often, though what pups he has sired are now very diligent and beautiful dogs. Of his offspring I kept for myself one dog named Astor which we nicknamed Sile.

I am a passionate hunter and I hunt all kinds of game, ranging from quail to boar. My colleagues often ask me to track down wounded game by following blood traces. Personally, I prefer hunting boar so I will often participate in contests in order to receive new training skills. Trag is a champion boar hunter and is very appreciated for what he does.

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of Reiner and  Waltraut Finnern (the owners of the Roggenhof and Frischlingshof breeding centre), I now have a lovely female Dachshund. I believe she will give my breeding centre a high reputation. Furthermore, I am convinced that she will leave an indelible mark on our kennel history.