Tundra vom Frischlingshof FCI


Born 27.08.2009.god    tet br.20DE241   JR 71309jod   color-wild boar

Father: Griescha vom Roggenhof    DtCH   VDH 1999  GS 1999

BhFK/95,BhFN,SchwhK,SchwhK/40,Sp,St,VpoSp.GTB.7/1999  V

Mather: Farah vom Frischlingshof    LJS 2008



Breeder:-Reiner end Valtraut Finnern (vom Roggenhof,vom Frischlingshof)  Rohlstorf , Germani

Owner-Milojevic Dragutin -Tasa  Petra Velebita 7 Jagodina

Morphologically, Tundra has all the characteristics that I wanted in my dog.  She is perfectly built, with a beautiful back line, a nicely seated tail, straight legs, deep chest and a muscular neck.  She has a noble and elevated head with a pointed chin and eyebrows, and beautiful dark eyes.  Her sense of smell is well above average, in addition to her enthusiasm while searching for game.  Once she finds a scent she always finds its source.